America’s First VR Cinema

America’s First VR Cinema

Having lived in New York City for 5 years, you’d think I am overstimulated and have seen it all. Well if so, you’d be right so when I really am blown away by an experience, it really says something.

So I am roaming around the Lower East Side, which I might add is growing at an incredibly rapid pace and it looks GREAT. The scene is amazing, the people are young hip and cool. It’s so diverse.

Houston Street (pronounced house-ton if you’re a native New Yorker) is the main road which runs West to East along the northern part of LES and just a half block off Orchard Street at 180 Orchard lies something EPICLY AWESOMELY MIND BLOWINGLY FUN.

Jump Into the Light is America’s First VR Cinema, now on it’s 3rd (and best) location featuring tons of gear, VR games, experiences and tech for everyone of any age to enjoy. Whether you want to jump off a building, paint with Google’s TiltBrush with the guidance of an acclaimed local artist or control virtual matter with your hands like a wizard, this is an experience not to miss.

Just 1.5 months ago they moved into a beautiful new location and they have BIG plans for the future. Currently be sure to check them out in Times Square along with NYCxDesign.

Here is a video of their old location on Bowery:

Want to get tickets for their latest events? Click here:


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