Auto Expo 2018: Indian Company Collides with the International Companies, Mahindra launches new segment SUV

Auto Expo 2018: Indian Company Collides with the International Companies, Mahindra launches new segment SUV

Indian and international companies participating in Auto Expo 2018 have left no stone unturned to woo the audience. Indian company Mahindra has tried to create a new segment in the market by introducing a convertible SUV. At the same time, Tata’s SUV H5X, designed by the Indian engineer, is appealing to the audience.

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International companies are also not behind, Japan’s Honda Cars has made a change in its image by presenting the second generation of images in India. While the American two-wheeler company, Slavillion Cyclorksx is shocked to say that its expensive-looking bike is worth less than two lakh rupees. In this auto expo, many companies including Honda Two Wheels, Yamaha, TVS and Toyota are passionate about the vehicle audience.

Mahindra sees the country’s first convertible SUV
Convertible cars or SUVs were still used to identify foreign companies only. But Auto Expo -2018 is different in this sense. Mahindra & Mahindra, the country’s leading automobile company, has tried to draw attention of everyone by showing the country’s first convertible SUV TUV Stinger. The company has given information about some of its features. However, it has refused to tell when it will be introduced in the market.

What is special
– Mahindra TUV Stinger has been designed on ladder frame chassis; TUV 300 has also been built on this platform.
– Its design is very similar to TUV.
It has a 2.2-liter 3-cylinder M-Hawk diesel engine, which will provide torque of 140 ps and torque of 320 nm.

The Indian Designer made the Tata’s SUV, designed to explain it

Tata Motors, the country’s largest automobile company, has seen a glimpse of its new SUV H5X in the auto expo 2018. It is made by looking at its beauty. You are thinking of seeing that this SUV, which looks like a foreign SUV, has been designed by a foreign engineer, then your guess is wrong.

It is designed by Tata Motors’s design head Pratap Bose. Bose also disclosed in a special interview from that he had what he thought while designing this SUV. The H5X has been prepared on the platform of Tata’s subsidiary JLR. However, the company has refused to give it information about the market and other information.

By asking the customer choice this company has given a new look to its car, now it looks like



Honda Cars India, the Indian unit of Japan’s leading automobile company Honda Motors, has introduced three new products in the auto expo. Compact sedan Amazon, SUV CRV and Sedan Civic But there is something special about Honda Amaze.
Dyaneshw Sen, Senior Vice President (Sales and Marketing), Honda Cars India, said that this second generation car of Amaze has been specially designed based on customer’s choice. The company has tried to fulfill it as the customer was seeking a change in this car. Its front and back look is quite different from the current image. It looks more attractive and gives premium look. Several new features have also been added in this. The company can launch it after March this year.

This expensive looking foreign bike will come in less than two lakhs

Foreign companies are also preparing to cash it by looking at the growing divination between the youth in India. Auto Expo In 2018, the US company is attracting a lot of attention from the Sliven Canyon Stocks Auto Expert and the audience. You can be shocked by hearing the cost of these.

The company has shown four bikes, which can take two bikes by the name Misfitt brand in the market this year. According to the company, it could be priced between Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs two lakh.


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