How Humidifiers Market will Grow in Future? FMI Research Offers Insights

A humidifier is an electronic device, which increases the moisture level or humidity in a particular room or in a complete building. Humidifier has a wide application in residential, industrial, commercial and healthcare sector.

Apart from regulating humidity level, the Humidifiers also offered various other benefits such as reduce the risk of infections, protect wooden furniture from dry air, improve skin texture, and others.

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Humidifiers Market: Drivers and Restraints

In hospitals to increase the comfort level for the patient, medical ventilators are being used that usually includes humidifiers. Owing to provide the better environment to the patient to recover its health, various hospitals are deploying humidifiers, increase in medical utility for the humidifier is anticipated to drive the demand for global humidifier market during the forecast period.

Increase disposable income coupled with rising living standards is the major factor positively influencing the growth of the humidifier market in the forthcoming years. In addition, the large humidifier is integrated with HVAC, which is being widely adopted by commercial and industrial applications, owing to facilitate the better working environment for employees.

Various other benefits associated with the humidifier is that it is one solution for many problems. For house plantation, certain level of moisture is required, dry air doesn’t encourage proper germination, also increase of humidity level in the air, reduce the possibility of airborne virus that causes flue infections, even if the patient is suffering from cold, humidifier providers moisture to throat and noise, which assist in faster recovery. Owing to various benefits associated with deploying humidifier the demand for global humidifier market is anticipated to spur during the forecast period.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers produce white dust as a by-product, which is harmful and can cause breathing problems, this is the major challenge faced by manufacturers and anticipated to the major restraining factor for the growth of the global humidifier market. However, the manufacturers are continuously working on R&D to overcome this challenge and provide advance ultrasonic humidifiers.

Global Humidifiers Market: Market Segmentation

Global Humidifiers Market can be divided into four segments, on the basis of Type, Product Type, Vertical Application, and Region.

Segmentation on the basis of the type for Humidifiers Market as:-

The major segments of Humidifiers market on the basis of the type include:-

  • Portable Humidifiers
  • Centralized Humidifiers

Segmentation on the basis of the product type for Humidifiers Market as:-

The major segments of Humidifiers market on the basis of the product type include:-

  • Warm-mist Humidifiers
    • Steam humidifiers
    • Vaporizers
  • Ultrasonic Humidifiers
  • Cool-mistHumidifiers

Segmentation on the basis of the vertical application for Humidifiers Market as:-

The major segments of Humidifiers market on the basis of the vertical application include:-

  • Residential
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Medial & Healthcare
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Others

Global Humidifiers Market: Regional Trend

Rise in living standards and increase in urbanization are paired together to drive the growth of Humidifiers market in the Asia Pacific region.

North America is an early adopter of technology and also the mature markets with respect to the Humidifiers market, owing to which, the region are anticipated to showcase significant growth rate with respect to the market in forthcoming years. In addition to above, North America region witnesses dry winter season, due to which the demand for humidifier device is likely to increase in the respective region.

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Global Humidifiers Market: Competitive Landscape

The major player operating in humidifiers market includes Boneco AG, Honeywell International Inc., Jarden Consumer Solutions, Kaz USA, Inc., Crane – USA, Dyson, HeavenFresh, De’Longhi Appliances, Condair Group, Koninklijke Philips, Perfect Airconditioning Trading Company, and Sunpentown International Inc.

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