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Mastic gum is a naturally occurring resin obtained from the small tree (mastic tree). This tree called as Schinos which is a member of Pistachia family. The average growth of these trees ranges from 1.5 meters (~5 feet) to 3.5 meters (~11 feet) high and by the age of 5 to 6 years, it begins to produce the mastic gum. After about 15 years of age, this small mastic tree could give approximate 60 to 250gr of resin which is known as mastic gum. The average resin per tree produced from this small mastic tree is about 100gr.

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Mastic gum is used for chewing, and it is helpful in gum exercise and along with its all other relevant advantageous effects in the dental exercise. It has been confirmed that unlike other normal chewing gums, the natural mastic gums induces higher salivation because of its hardness and its particular taste that gives a better feel of cleanness and freshness in the mouth. It is beneficial for those persons (mainly elder persons) who are suffering from the dry mouth problems.

Market Scenario

Substantial growth will be noticed over the forecast period in the global mastic gums market. There is a significant increase in the mastic gums market owing to rising demand for mouth freshness and cleanness products globally, and mastic tree helps in producing good quality mastic gums. However, the market is expected to grow moderately in developed countries. North America and Europe will show the stagnant growth due to a stable population and high penetration of these products. APEJ will grow at over the fastest rate backed by rising population and many people in this region are suffering from the dry mouth problems that will increase the demand for mastic gums. Mastic Gum Market have many players worldwide supplying the mastic gum for pharmaceutical and medicinal use, industrial use, for use in the food industry and others.

Drivers and Restraints

Rising use of mastic gums in the industries like food service industry, pharmaceutical, and medicinal industry is the critical success factor fuelling the growth of the global mastic gums market. Additionally, the increasing awareness among people regarding the utilization of mastic gums to improvise their health like the dry mouth is expected to drive the market over the forecast period. Also, the growing demand for mastic gum products in food service industry, pharmaceutical and medicinal industry due increasing per capita income and changing the lifestyle of consumers, increasing awareness about resins from the mastic trees is further fuelling the growth of the global mastic gums market. Furthermore, the mastic gums help to improve their dental and mouth related problems, which is also expected to increase the growth of global mastic gums market during the forecast period. More and more manufacturers across the world are discovering the mastic gums because of their high demand.


The mastic gums market can be segmented on the basis of types and end users. Furthermore on the basis of types mastic gums market is segmented into chewed pure mastic gum, xylitol mastic gum, and others and on the basis of end users, Mastic Gums market is segmented into food service industry, pharmaceutical and medicinal industry and other end users. Based on geography, the global Mastic Gums market is segmented into seven regions, namely Eastern Europe, North America, Latin America, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific except Japan, Middle East Africa, and Japan

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Key Players

Some of the major global players in the Mastic Gums market are Merck KGaA, Lalilab, Inc., Sharawi Chewing Gum Factory, Mazaya’s Tobacco-Molasses, and other key players.


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