Pediatric Measuring Devices Market Analysis, Segments, Growth and Value Chain 2017 – 2027

Pediatric measuring device is used to carry out health diagnosis of the infants and children below 18 years. These devices are intended to be used as treatment and care for infants. Pediatric measuring devices are specifically designed for children and proves to be a challenging task for manufacturers as infants and new born babies have a flexible body structure. Pediatric measuring devices have vast application in hospitals, clinics, infants care center, and are used by doctors, pediatricians and other child specialists which increases the demand in pediatric measuring devices market. Various pediatric measuring devices are available in the market that are used to detect distinct disease conditions such as overweight, underweight, short stature, restricted growth. Pediatric measuring devices are used to reassure the wellbeing of children by measuring, plotting and interpreting growth patterns in infants as well as toddlers. On the basis of device type, pediatric measuring devices are broadly categorized into five types including infantometer, mobile measuring mat, height measuring rods, head circumference measuring tape, stadiometer (infant measuring board).

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These measuring devices is further categorized on the basis of technology that includes mechanical and electronic measuring devices for pediatrics. Pediatric measuring devices are also available in different configurations majorly including mobile, tabletop, wall-mounted, and floor-standing. These devices should be well calibrated before carrying out any measurements. Specific regulations for using digital electronic scales and other measuring devices for infants have been made by the regional regulatory which is mandatory to be followed while using any of the pediatric measuring device. With the rising rate of child birth the demand for pediatric measuring devices is increasing and thus contribute majorly to the revenue generation in pediatric measuring devices market. These Pediatric Measuring devices are broadly used to diagnose health conditions of infants and toddlers. Pediatric Measuring devices market on the other hand is gaining profit due to rising incidence of premature births coupled with introduction of innovative pediatric measuring devices in the market. Birth deformities is one of the main reason which drives the sales of pediatric measuring devices. Increased technological innovations in the pediatric devices market tend to propel the growth of pediatric measuring devices market across the globe.

Pediatric Measuring devices also find increased application in disease areas including mainly including nephrology and hypertension. This is further anticipated to drive the demand for pediatric measuring devices and thereby increasing revenue generation in pediatric measuring devices market.

Pediatric Measuring Devices: Market Dynamics

Growing awareness among individuals regarding diagnosis of infant care, availability of technologically advanced measuring devices in the market, growing population and a wide range of applications of pediatric measuring devices is expected to be the key factor driving the growth of pediatric measuring devices market. Also, availability of skilled doctors and large number of hospitals and clinics for baby care coupled with rising healthcare expenditure are some other factors propelling the growth of pediatric measuring devices market. However, high competition among already existing major players and initiatives taken by regional government to reduce birth rate is further expected to limit the growth of pediatric measuring devices market. However, lower adoption of the advanced pediatric measuring devices is another factor restraining the pediatric measuring devices market growth.

Pediatric Measuring Devices Market: Segmentation

The global pediatric measuring devices market is segmented by device type, technology type, configuration type and end user:

  • Segmentation by Device Type
    • Infantometer
    • Mobile Measuring Mat
    • Height Measuring Rods
    • Head Circumference Measuring Tape
    • Stadiometer
    • Others
  • li>Segmentation by Technology Type

    • Electronic Pediatric Measuring Device
    • Mechanical Pediatric Measuring Device
  • /li>

  • Segmentation by Configuration Type
    • Mobile
    • Bench-Top
    • Wall-Mounted
    • Floor-Standing
  • Segmentation by End User Type
    • Hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Others

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Pediatric Measuring Devices Market: Overview

Based on device type, infantometer accounts for the largest revenue share in the pediatric measuring devices market on the account of being highly used device and its increasing demand from pediatricians. On the basis of technology, electronic pediatric measuring devices accounts for larger demand as compared with mechanical devices. Technological enhancements such as digital meters and wireless systems along with cost reduction may increase the product adaptability at various facilities. Rising birth deformities due to changing lifestyle is one of the factors driving the demand of pediatric measuring devices in pediatric measuring devices market to perform infant health diagnosis.

Pediatric Measuring Devices Market: Region-wise Outlook

Geographically, North America is the leading market for pediatric measuring devices owing to the increasing footprint of local manufacturers and suppliers in the market as well as developed and advanced healthcare infrastructure. This is followed by the Western European market due to high adoption rate for advanced measuring devices at various healthcare facilities to carry out better diagnosis for infant’s health. Asia Pacific market is expected to be the highly potential market for pediatric measuring devices due to the growing awareness, rising number of children hospital visits for general checkups, increasing set-ups of children hospitals and growing concerns for infantl’s health. Latin America followed by Middle East and Africa represents the least market share and growth rate in the global pediatric measuring devices.

Pediatric Measuring Devices Market: Key Players

Some of the key players present in global pediatric measuring devices market are AVI Healthcare, Charder Electronic Co, Ltd., Detecto Scale Company, BioSpace and others


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